Wednesday, 15 June 2011

20's french treasures…

Great 20's hunting cord and moleskin set and accesories…

20's moleskin and cord pants and jacket set with "bleu" patches and lining. Deadstock 40's gamebag, WWI "poilu" braided belt and cord 1900's hat… Special thanks for the set to "J. Le zouave" and to Hiroshi…


  1. Mazette ! Le plus beau pour aller chasser :)

    (Big Mama)

  2. Wow, great outfit! Hope all's well.
    I've been really busy working on my 'new' bike.
    A bit quiet on the hunting front.

  3. Magnifique,
    That's some jacket!!
    Found a nice gamebag myself,
    guess a jacket like that will be a little harder
    to find ;-{)