jeudi 11 septembre 2014

PAPA's got brand new…


"We started out with the brother ahead, wearing a toga and carrying a spear, then me with the Springfield slung and my small Zeiss glasses in my pocket, then M'Cola with Pop's glasses..."
Hemingway, 1935, 'Green Hills of Africa', page 207

“I got my old miniature Zeiss glasses out of an inside pocket, where they were wrapped in a woollen sock with some tissue to clean them, and focused them on the flag. I made the flag out just before a wave drenched the glasses.” 
Note that this quote describes Hemingway’s experience on board 
a landing craft approaching Fox Green beach on June 6, 1944

jeudi 4 septembre 2014

MAD men…

Mr FCC will not talk about Madison avenue and the 50's world of advertising… MAD men are also friends who loves so something, that they decide to manufacture it themselves ! and they do it with heart and passion !!! 

Take one discret man, take flea markets under the fog to find the best fabrics and accessories, take the talent and take one thousand hours, days and nights to manufacture the best of the best !!!!!…


No! international dapper men, this is not a dream…pleated back, belts, buckles, large collars, tweed, strong linen !!!!!! nothing is fake !!!!!!!
Read this interview and know a little bit more about the "butterfly man"

and don't ask me more…Mister FCC is just under the charm !!!!

Action back shop coat.
Cotton chambray.

Early 1920s style narrow shouldered suit.
Vintage 18 oz tweed, probably 1930s.

Bicycle courier jacket.
Vintage cotton drill.

Draftsman's coat.
Washed denim.

Early 1920s style, narrow-shouldered suit.
Vintage French linen.

Shawl collar Norfolk 'Mackinaw'. 22oz tweed dated 1943


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jeudi 28 août 2014

DREAM, dream, dream…

Inspired with 50's Levi's banners, new painting called "LE RÊVE AMER"… (39,4 inches x 47,2 inches )…Who am I, where do I go ?…"WE ARE ALL POOR LONESOME COWBOYS AND THE WAY FROM HOME … IS SO LONG …

mercredi 30 juillet 2014

BOB, SHRINER on the road…

"Born to be shrine", "Easy shriner"…last post of the summer to introduce you the best and funniest treasure found in Tokyo. First vintage jacket bought by Mr FCC that was not made before 1950 !!! 1972's satin yellow jacket for spiritual king of the road !!!! America's best risible parade with clowns………………………and clowns…