lundi 6 juillet 2015


Deadstock WW2 US mackinaw

Different shades of vintage french olive army Tees

30's french "Troupes coloniales handmade painting" sailor duffel bag

30's french "original handmade Mickey marin" sailor duffel bag

WW2 HBT fatigue shirt with original NAM handmade inscriptions

A part of this stuff is NOW for sale , just ask for any informations

mercredi 24 juin 2015

Ingo …THE vintage berliner !!!!

This post is an answer to the last question a friend asked me last week… "what about vintage in Berlin?"…80's…everywhere, 70's…rarities, 60's…for connoisseurs !…but to find original 30's/40's and 50's stuff… don't wear yourself strolling in the long long streets of this giant !!!!! take your ROCKING CHAIR and play it cool !!!!!…Ingo the boss knows what good stuff is !!!! no fashion here but a real way of life… Rockabilly since 1982, now Ingo is THE BOSS of retro… Collector of 20's/40's workwear and militaria he has dealt his gab style for a roots DAD'S style !!! EVERYTHING YOU NEED you will find in the shop. Best selection of 20's to 50's clothing, 40's shoes, bakelite jewelery "for madame"…accessories and rugged european and american stuff, the owner uses to collect and sell for more than 30 years !!!! ROCKING CHAIR IS THE PLACE TO B…ERLIN !!!!


Gabriel-Max-Straße 13, 
10245 Berlin, GERMANY

+49 30 29364291

mercredi 17 juin 2015

FCC men's STYLE…

Bye bye Berlin, home sweet home here I come with in my pockets, souvenirs, music and of course… vintage treasures… waiting for my philosophical thought about the best way to wear the amazing swiming suit of Mister C. Loiron Freedom, just take time to discover new stuff found beetween north of France and Denmark…

jeudi 28 mai 2015

On the road AGAIN …

Hello there !!!
You love to dance, you love french dandies, you love the swing…  THE GADJO ZAZ TRIO will be on the road the 2 first weeks of june. Paris, Lille, Amsterdam, Berlin and Denmark (here and there ;-)… If you want informations about our gigs, ask me at . We also have free time to play FOR YOU on our way…Don't be afraid about MONEY… if you want the GADJO the GADJO you'll got !!!!!…