Sunday 10 March 2013

La gazette du Grizzly (part 9)

Time goes by… Grizzly too…

When Heller's café /Warehouse decided do copy the incredible Buttoned front and belt back "Leatherkraft inc." grizzly jacket, of course, challenge was to find the model in japan, the money enough and to buy it…
Last year on Yahoo japan for Half the price, Mister FCC could have completed his "antique" jackets collection…

 Now he is proud to wear one of the first modern winter leather jacket made in the early 30's.

Today ebay action for this similar 30's grizzly. Only 152$ for a size 36 and a bad sheepskin condition.
Tempted to buy but hard to sell destroyed and small jacket…Jacket will go to japan…of course!

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  1. J'aime bien quand tu fais le modèle. ça donne de suite plein de vie au blog.
    Bon sinon trop la classe comme d'hab :)