Sunday, 10 July 2011

Vito's style

A great new brand is born this year in japan… dapper styling for roots dandy men…
ADJUSTABLE COSTUME team takes his 1900/1930's inspiration in great movies like "Death in Venice", "The Godfather"…

Pattern of the Vito's winter jacket

3 pieces suit with adjustable vest collar, in salt and pepper, herringbone wool or palm spring style linen model… pleated back jacket and suspenders pants model, 1920's shirts, shawl collar sweaters, mackinaw jackets, accessories… all the best for mister French Cancan…

Kazuki Kodaka the owner of the the brand, worked for RMc Coys, Pherrows and Dry Bones and finlaly decided to manufcature and deal his own collection with Adjustable Costume this year in April during a very bad period for japan… Hopefully this new brand is now, with all the best japanese brands, in the international market place and will be for a long time again…

Long life to ADJUSTABLE COSTUME mister KAZU …
Aruno-do (Kanji)


  1. Thank you〜!
    It so good!!
    It is very wonderful !!!!! & Cooool!!
    The thing that it was possible to meet you is very glad.
    Hereafter, it will keep creating good clothes.

  2. Hip hip hura to A.C !

    (Big Mama)

  3. Thank you for sharing! That belted back wool/leather jacket is amazing stuff.

  4. Nice one! Good job, messrs. Vilbo and Kodaka!