Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tutti va bene !!!

Hi There !
Go back to Italy, tanned skin, few pounds overweight and with nice antique stuffs and a great adress !!!
Lost in Firenze, what a surprise to discover "Ceri Vintage"! One of the 3 fantastic shops in the Dei Serragli street. Antique art, industrial furnitures and vintage clothing ! Father and son are the owners of those ALIBABA caves. 19th and begining 20th century fabrics and clothes, WWI and WII stuffs, Japanese farmer boro kimonos, old denims in a very nice and attractive deco and atmosphere. Japanese brand HAVERSACK presented his collection years ago in this italian place… Don't hesitate to contact Danilo at info@cerivintage.it, gentleman who really knows why oldies is of course goodies…

"Don" Danilo CERI... the boss

ViaDei Serragli 26 R - 50100 Firenze
Tel. +39 055 217978- Mob. +39 335 8390356
www.cerivintage.it - info@cerivintage.it

 Haversack winter 2011/12 collection... 30's and 40's inspiration… SO FRENCHY! 

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