Sunday 25 September 2011

One bird in the hand…

…is better than two in the bush…

Reason why if you want to visit the "ROSE BOWL" flea market …and want to be the first to find the BEST… go and see  Warren's "San Fernando Valley Mercantile store" !!!!!
The "vintage workwear" blogspot owner knows what you need…!!!
Hickory, salt and pepper, brown beach and other polka dot rugged style, everything is in the warren's stand ! You can also find fabulous repros of work caps, tool or duty riveted bags…USA manufactured…

ONLY DAD'S STYLE… Passadena blue heaven

Hunting 40's "M. WARD" shirt jacket

Deadstock 30's and 40's work shirts

40's "M. WARD" denim work  jacket

50's Seet Orr Brown Duck Pants
40's Headlight Dot Pinstripe Jacket

50's Woolrich Vest
50's Sweet Orr Brown Duck Pants
Carters Selvedge Denim Work Jeans
MW Power-House Denim Cap

50's Bulls Eye Cone Denim Cap

And my favorite ones…

Sweet Orr Paint Store Clerk Coat Jacket
Hercules Work Pants

Work Hat

 For informations or order, don't hesitate to contact Warren at

et Monsieur parle français…!!!!
Thanks man !


  1. Big thanks to my friend Arnaud. I'm honored to be keeping such good company. If those were not our goods I'd be jealous! A tip of the cap for a fabulous job (as always) and very kind words. Smile inducing stuff indeed! Bien cuit.

    ps, a shout out to our blogosphere crime partner in Michigan, thanks Matt!