Monday 5 March 2012

La Gazette du Grizzly (part 5)

Again and again… for the last winter days …

You want to buy an original 30's-40's grizzly jacket, 
you can count approximately 10 US ebay actions per years… 
for a price of 1000$/1500$… best japanese repros prices are 2000$/2500$…
perfect replicas in new condition and with perfect adapted measurements…


  1. Fantastic! The modern repro with the check liner.. is that yours?!

  2. THE CHECK LINING ONE is a near deadstock original one…
    I had a similar repro, custom made by THE FEW, I've just sold it last month… very similar , you can see it here…
    I've bought this winter a very authentic model made by Heller's cafe (japanese repro), probably one of the first 30's grizzly jacket model …belt back and butoned closed… I'll tell about it probably in next FCC post… Thanks for your message PRINCE… ;-)

  3. Wow!! That is a dead stock original... I would have never guessed! That's an absolute beauty! Yes, I know the Heller's Cafe one you're talking about. Please give a review and post lots of pictures!

  4. devise du jour: il faut toujours vendre la peau du grizzly à French Cancan, il sait quoi en faire!!

  5. i've got the heller's one payed 2000$ ....worn it only 3 times this year .it not cold enough here damn it !! it's a great repro indeed. the leather has great grain it so it'll age nicely .the only downside ,i'll say,is that the back strap needs to stay "as is" because when you adjust it it looks too bulky ,as the jacket is cut square instead of closer to the body and longer .just a detail about the fit if i may !!!