Tuesday 15 May 2012

BLING bling…

The best jewels and accessories Mister FCC uses to wear everyday…
Leather, silver, gold, "AB" initials, skull and maltese crosses…

1929 Baltimore Hospital gold ring

Own designed custom made gold and garnet "AB" initials ring

1919 "AB" intials gold fraternity ring

WWII Anchor and eagle gold and silver USN ring

40's photo prisoner bakelite ring

Great grandfather dragon gold chinese ring

Mister Freedom leather strongarm

WW1 french army bracelet

Maltese crosses silver watch chain


  1. Une belle collection a faire palir d'envie tous les "Cocos bel oeil" marseillais :)

  2. C'est mon petit côté MIA…;-)

  3. I've always had a hard time wearing jewellery, but I've always enjoyed the idea. However I can say, that I would wear every piece of jewellery, that you posted. Not at the same time though...

    Thanks for sharing