Monday 27 January 2014

"Miner swing" (part 2)

15 years ago Mr FCC came in the south of France beetween Toulouse and Albi to leave, to work and to play music!  3 motivations, the sun, the vintage shops (Toulouse is still the last provincial town in France where you can find interesting vintage stuff), and the Rock'n'roll bands… Each week-end, early in the morning at the flea markets, the FCC family found treasures to built their own personnal "museum" and discovered in particulary this art deco style bronze sculpture that was a true mistery during a long time…finaly 2 weeks ago in the old mine museum near French Cancan 's office, this heavy small miner revealed his true origin…

Only for deco ?

No a gift …

made in the 50's

to thank the best workers of the mine !

Mister De Gaulle and his own bronze miner…

Ms and Mr FCC arriving in the south of France 15 years ago, BEFORE AND AFTER "LE COUP DE GRISOU"

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