Saturday, 28 May 2016

37J-1…THE ONE !

Since the A1 jackets fever, (Mister FCC is proud to be one of the first collector who sent informations about this model with some rare american guys as THE GREAT John Glucow… and japanese precursors), the native buttoned first short flying jacket is became sadly common and sometime, badly copied…Of course original ones are definitely for rich collectors or museums like this USN canvas model you all know … of course !!!!! BUT, have you ever seen one original 37J-1 JACKET ? with great patina, original label, patched or stencils…???

This man, (FARZAD SAMARI) did

This man too…

This man too…
and what about MR FCC?

Has he ever seen it ?

Has he ever touched it ?

Has he ever worn it ?


  1. Nice post! The last jacket, from Sigmund Eisner, was produced about 15 minutes from where I grew up. The factory building is, sadly, a shopping complex....but it once produced garments for the US military from before ww1 through ww2. I hope you got to wear one of them. Better yet, I hope you found one at your local flea for € to you soon, John

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