Friday 3 September 2010

La Gazette du Grizzly (part1)

Grizzly jacket for cycle

Grizzly jacket for farmer
Grizzly jacket for miner
Grizzly jacket only for style
Grizzly jacket for sportswear attitude
Young "Grizzly guy" and Zuit Suit friend
Grizzly style european aviator jacket (unknown origin)

Fabulous first model " king o' fur " hair on hide grizzly jacket with small A1 mandarin collar

30's/40's classical model
My regretting 30's/40's classical model
Nice black front with brown collar fur 30's/40's model /unusual pockets design
30's/40's classical model
Nice black leather with natural color fur
30's/40's classical model
30's/40's classical model
 30's/40's horsehair model with nice buttoned flap pockets design
Great 30's buttoned model
Great 30's shawl collar model
50's sport jacket grizzly style
40's/50's sport jacket grizzly style
40's/50's sport jacket grizzly style (probably custom made)
50's sport jacket grizzly style (could be custom made)
40's or 30's woman sport jacket grizzly style
My regretting japanese REAL MC' COY palamino model

No comment, only for eyes… Grizzly jacket a real passion for me…original or nice copies…I'm always  ready to spend money, sometime "too much" for one model…My last order was a "THE FEW" special order after Original, TOYO, LOST WORLD AND MC COY'S models…Hard way to order, to receive and to be satisfied !!!!!!! Maybe THE LAST ONE… maybe…
Thanks to mister C. for some of the archival pix.


  1. Je comprends cette fascination ! Tout s'explique ! Oui c'est plus grave que ça docteur, ça se soigne pas ! ;)
    C'est vraiment de toute beauté !

  2. toujours aussi craquant le grizzly!!belles photos big chief,belles photos...