Thursday 28 January 2016

La Gazette du Grizzly (part 11)

Hey…a post on thursday night ????? WAR IS DECLARED ??? … OF COURSE YES !!!! SIMON JAMES has posted an atomic bomb on the web and Mr FCC can't wait to introduce you this new Cathcart's product even with fever and strong flu…But the god of big mountains bears helps me for that !… so just imagine the mix of shawl collar, buttoned front and outside leather slide pockets…"THE HILL CLIMBER" was born this 2016's winter and will probably stay a reference for a long time !

and about its price…just have a look… 
Cathcart means Santa Claus in london cokney ;-)

The hill climber  … FCC pic that inspired the name of the SJC's jacket

and in the meantime on ebay…
but everybody knows that 'ebay' does not mean Santa Claus in london cokney…

How to become definitely poor…in black

                                        How to become definitely poor…in brown 

… AND SOON the "BROWN CANCAN" "Hill climber" version…exciting isn't it !!!!!!


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