Wednesday 15 December 2010

FOUR LINES for adventure… (part 3)

Hudson's bay style and other vintage indian blanket clothing

Snow king 30's mackinaw

St Croix Garment 30's belted coat

30's belted and hooded ski jacket

30's hunting hooded jacket


  1. c'est quoi ta taille en inches pour un manteau. j'attends une chouette mackinaw 30's rouge et noire col sport [requin]avec martingale,je discute avec le mec .super condition mais peu etre un chouya trop grande pour moi .on peu s'arranger. je dois le revoir la semaine prochaine

  2. Hello, I'm writing to ask your advice as a Frenchman who knows about things vintage...I'll try to brief. I am Australian but living in London for the moment, and I make hand-crafted leather satchels and bags. But I also collect vintage work bags especially from France, where the makers have a fine reputation for making wonderful designs. From the 1940's till the 60's.
    I have wanted a personal bag for myself from a French maker. I have designed the bag and sent documents/specs to this company, but now they tell me the worker has retired and so cannot make it.
    Take a look at:

    and another company

    But they tell me they are not interested, cannot be bothered, or are lazy...i don't know. Its last chance for me. I am getting desperate because these skills are dying with the workers who are retiring. If you have any ideas about other company's or selliers who can make this thing. Please please tell me. Thank You kindly, from another Grizzly jacket fanatic :)

  3. Pardon, my name is Martin Bongiorno, at
    Merci beaucoup

  4. Mmmmuummm, je vois là de jolies pièces : je suis sûre que le modèle à pompons te sied à merveille ;)