Monday, 22 November 2010

Apaches in the late 1800's / early 1900's in France (part 3)

Apache's best equipment : brass knuckles, knives and revolvers…!!! or all in one !!!!

Nice 1900's revolver

Revolver/Brass knuckles and close-up

Other Revolver/Brass knuckles and close-up

Fabulous 1900's Brass Multi-purpose revolver
Homemade Brass Knuckles


  1. Oh my God ! I swoon beyond these beauties !

    The third is treasure of ingenuity !! Epoustouflant.

  2. tu peux ptet en trouver un APACHE R …

  3. Ah ah ah ah !!!! Tata tata tata !!!! Eh oui Mister blague !
    Le premier c'est à toi ?

  4. et non je suis plutôt fringue/classe que flingue/shlass… mais j'avoue être assez sous le, charme de l'objet !!!!!!!

  5. Miss O. est une grande spécialiste du "poing d'acier"!!
    Perso le modéle "le centenaire" laisse réveur!!
    bon plus qu'a trouvé une paire de en avant la musique...

  6. Made me think of this:

  7. Yes you're true… nice ring !!!!!!! it gives me idea of another post !!!!! where do you live mister mothfighter… Do I know you ;-)
    friendly !!!!

  8. hello FCC,
    it's mothfighter AKA karel! (one of the Dutchie Douk gang)

  9. Hi Karel… I tought It was you !!!!! just an intuition…I don't forget you about your "french order"… I prepare the february sale and should hunt soon for this special event, for you and for Pete …
    best !!!!