Sunday 14 November 2010

French Cancan's gypsy jazz style !

Django Reinhardt was born exactly 100 years ago and is one of the best and talentuous musician of the first jazz period…Of course French Cancan as Louis Vola, the bass player of the original "Quintette Du Hot Club De France"  wears his 20's Tuxedo to play in jazz club "After midninght"… after the show black fedora hat and storm coat for winter night…4 o'clock in the morning… home sweet home… suit is on the floor and 78 's are playing an old 30's song from "Rina Ketty"…

30's french shirt and bow tie
20's french tuxedo
Tuxedo and satin belt
Wool 2 buttons single vest
Fabrics close-up
Two tone laced boots
78's for French Cancan
Tuxedo on the floor
40's US Storm coat and 20's french fedora
Storm coat labels


  1. Great boots an' suit! Love the piping on the jacket.

  2. Piping !!! one of my favorite detail on this suit…!!! you're true !

  3. De l'alpaga ben oui ! On y pense pas ! pourtant c'est naturel comme la soie !!! ha ha ha ha

  4. ON Y PENSE PAS ASSEZ !… tu as raison !!!! and this Storm coat price was very cheap… few years ago !!