Wednesday 15 December 2010

FOUR LINES for adventure… (part 2)

Back in the days, trappers were using the points to determine how many beaver furs to trade for a blanket. 1point one beaver and so on.... the origines of the points are attributed to the French. The points determine the length of the blanket when folded on the shelves of the trading post. The more points the longer the blanket…(P. Segui)

Hudson's bay style clothing / repro or "couture"…

Incredible Freewheelers japanese model (THE BEST BRAND for FCC)

Great fashionable coat… 
I really like this fabulous red one, very 1800's inspired  or "Tim Burton" style


  1. C'est mon cadeau de noyel !!!!
    Hein ? Non… bon ben tant pis ;-))

  2. Rhooo .... zut alors !

  3. trés beau!! c'est vrai que c'est noyel!!Feewheelers , vraiment le top...

  4. superb mix duffle meets HBD.....will coast at least a kidney

  5. Ce duffle-coat est une véritable tuerie !