Tuesday 14 December 2010

FOUR LINES for adventure… (part 1)

The Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) is the oldest commercial corporation in North America and one of the oldest in the world.  The company was founded in 1670.  Originally it catered largely to the aboriginal people and it’s primary trade was fur.
For 340 years, this company has been warming up adventurers, first those under the English crown and then North Americans. Known and loved first for its four lines of distinctive colors (Green, red, yellow, black or blue) or black lines on red…designed for canada this blanket style is made in england…

Nice traditional Hudson' Bay  blanket

Very useful double breasted mackinaw model

70's model but still the same since more than 150 years…

4 lines 60's single breasted model

30's jacket. Four lines symbolised by 4 stripes in the right side
Nice details, zipper and art deco back buckles…


  1. Très bon ça ! J'adore la première ...

  2. sold mine 4 years ago kinda hard to wear unless you're surrounded by snow.
    BTW this type of blanket[whatever the brand] is called point blanket ,little black stripes being the points .the points determine the length of the blanket when folded on the shelves of the trading post.the more points the longer the blanket.i've seen up to six points,the average being 4.......

  3. back in the days,trappers were using the points to determine how many beaver furs to trade for a blanket.1point one beaver and so on....the origines of the points are attributed to the French by the way.....

  4. Merci pour l'info Patrick.
    je me permettrai de te citer dans le prochain post…

  5. Vous êtes des puits de sciences les gars !!!
    Et puis tout ce qui touche de prêt ou de loin grand nord, ça m'interresse.

    Superbe ces deux derniers articles et de voir qu'aujourd'hui des produits de qualité et bien inspirés sont encore créés.