Saturday 26 January 2013

New treasure…

This treasure was found this week in an old stock of vintage shirts. For the second time of all those 25 years of collection, Mister French Cancan have hunted a fabulous early century calico shirt in a deadstock condition. Never worn, never washed this great collectible item is a typical clothe that european pioneers first and indians worn in the west of america during the wild west…This original frontier style shirt is now for sale on ebay with the  140910007199 number…

Incredible…storage in the dark indigo is still fresh

 First indigo calico shirt found. 
Very interesting patched and discolored condition. 
Was sold to a japanese collector

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Tuesday finds

When sunday Mister FCC put is dressing room away, he finds old stuff he has forgotten for a long time ago…when he search a bit more he finds again !!! and again…and again !
Denim, gab, leather… nice stuff for sale …Questions on

Size 40/42 40's leather D pocket jacket with art deco style back, great patina : 550$
size 40 suede and leather 40's jacket with chain and ball chest zipper : 380 $
Size 40/ 42 Blanket indian style, 40's red wool shirt jacket : 145$ sold out
size 40 30's 40's duck hunting vest with original blue customised pockets : 199$
size 7 1/4 original WW2 daisy mae hat : 125$
size 7 1/4 repro 40's tweed baseball cap (with small paints spots) : 45$

50's Blue bell narrow side back denim jacket size 40 : 149$

60's pique Levis big E denim jacket size 38 : 75$

50's great patches shooting jacket size 42 : 175$

40's gab jacket size 42 : 165$

40's horsehide belted back jacket size 42 : 155$

Cushman japan brown beach cap one size fits : 130$ hold on

RRL Two tones engineer boots size 10/10,5 : 450 $

Saturday 12 January 2013


Hooks, rivets, chin-straps, pockets, vents, strong fabrics… all is good and passionating for Mister French Cancan and in what interest him about the conception of a vintage and antique technical clothes… to illustrate  this post, fabulous exemples of 30's and 40's Firemen coats…

  LA COUNTY MANCHESTER 40's coat and pants set

 CANANDIAN 30's long coat
Oiled fabric and also cord collar and hooked front

Same as the first model with interesting stencils…