Sunday 15 September 2013

Let's go!…

Click here and hunt !
any questions ask

Wednesday 4 September 2013

Best crusher caps…and more !!!!

Hey guys! time to leave home for new adventures !!!
Riders, sailors, aviators…hard to find original canvas caps with leather peak !!!
Don't want Plastic in your head !!!!!!!!!
African Queen Bogey's, Brando's model or "the Duke's" best crushers…are now on the head of Mister FCC,  thanks to Dave and his great brand DIAMOND CAP CO

Don't hesitate to ask "The Monsieur" what you need for your next trip by plane above the sahara or the equatorial forest…With your A1 jacket and your pilot glasses, your Diamond cap co will fit you as a real 40's PARAMOUNT actor…

 Civil model with original WW2 canvas for mister FCC

WW2 best crushers replicas

And for the ones who use to collect leather jackets and hunt on the net, they probably saw those high quality 30's jacket replicas… Now you know where you can order them !!!!!