Wednesday 30 September 2015


Just remember the wish Mr FCC's did in 2011at the end of the post "TOKYO'S BESTS' ! Then WHITEFEATHER Mfg CO. granted it !!!! CHARLES A. JONES union's denim reborns from its ashes. Thanks to informations Michael Allen Harris could develop in his great book, the new model looks similar as the 1870 's one with little adaptations. One piece legs, best cone mills denim and wabash belt back are the signature of Fardin Sefidpar owner of Whitefeather Mfg CO. Just have a look to this little treasure…Mr FCC loves this great and authentic artwork !!!!! BRAVO FARDIN

Whitefeather Mfg Co.

Phone: (0043) 6503552808

Thursday 24 September 2015

HAPPY BDAY ! (part 2)

Where passion is not fashion…I had a real pleasure to invite you during 5 years in my old french south west house near the river Tarn. Hope my food and my wine were good !!!!… see you…NEXT WEEK :-)