Thursday 30 December 2010

Go back home…to WORK the last 2010's day !

Hi there… I just go back home … hope you spent good christmas time !!!!
FOR THE LAST COLD WORKING HOURS before 2011, picture of a laborious sunny 1910's day…

Thursday 23 December 2010


Joyeux Noël to all my friends in the "true life" and Happy christmas to all my favorite bloggers …to Olivia, Tommy, Christophe, Peter, Matt, Patrick, Papa Nui, Fuji, Katsunori, Robin Hureau, Laurent Laporte, Mister Darwin and all the FCC's readers… Arnaud/Vilbo

Pola Negri "Dark eyes/Oczi czornyje " (French Cancan's best songs)

Blankets again… CHIMAYO style (Last part)

When French Cancan wears chimayo it is always in a papa's style look. Old west dandy with chimayo vest from TOYO…

Very nice red 30's jacket with great silver button's detail

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Blankets again… CHIMAYO style (Part2)

Dennis hopper liked Chimayo style… I do like it too…especially this two tone brown 30's jacket

Blankets again… CHIMAYO style (Part1)

About 30 minutes north of Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, lies the tiny community of Chimayó. Chimayó was founded near the end of the 17th century by Spanish settlers in a fertile valley nourished by the Santa Cruz River and protected by the surrounding foothills.  The settlers became experts in farming, stock raising and wool weaving.
Ironically, not many Americans have heard about or can recognize Chimayó weavings, but for those in the know, they are esteemed and sought-after cultural masterpieces. Sophisticated, fashion-savvy Japanese are some of the biggest customers of the centuries-old New Mexico wool-weaving tradition.
Ortega's weaving and trujillo's weaving are still the best manufcaturers of chimayo's blankets, bags or clothing…

Nice detail of 30's Chimayo coat

Very nice 30's Chimayo jacket (great pigeon eye talon zippers detail)

Great 50's Chimayo purse in deadstock packaging
Josh from NY, wearing Chimayo jacket

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Vintage Riddle…

One of those TWO SHERIFS will eat potatoes for christmas… Are you able to find wich one is it?

The best of Ebay

Some bad, some wrong, some good… and some VERY GOOD… on ebay !!!!…
Nice 30's deerskin and leather Hunting Jacket. Mid-Western Genuine Buckskin-Berlin Glove Co.-Berlin, Wisconsin label. TRASHED WITH CLASS.

I'm actualy regreting it… I bided… but too low !!! French Cancan is sometime a small player !!!