Tuesday 26 October 2010

30's French style (Work, Hunting & Sportswear)

Hi there…
Few months ago, my friend Mister LE ZOUAVE called me about a vintage 30's french stock he found in the north of France. After few days of thoughts, we finaly decided to pass…!!! Not enough money to buy this great lot, not the good time for him and for me… and the owner didn't want to dispacth the lot…shirts, pants, jacket, suits, fabrics…+ other women and child clothing !!!!! I just kept pics for "fun" and nostalgy !!!!! Dont tell us  "you can't miss such occasion !"… we know that…and catch very good occasions in the past but this time was not the good time for us !!!! For info, lot is actually sold…

Corduroy , pique, tweed pants

other linen and striped belt back pants

Pants, shirts…

Striped dress and work shirts

Typical black moleskin work jacket

Pants, jackets and coats

Vest and golf pants

Work striped salt and pepper style shirt

30's and 40's fabrics for pants, coats and shirts

other fabrics for shirts

Women underwear

Child clothing

and other accesories…

Monday 25 October 2010

"Tie story" …a Mardi Gras day

Mardi Gras day and New Orleans' mood for rare "Cutter Cravat" tie… and other black and primitive collectibles …

Friday 22 October 2010

World is a circus parade …

…with acrobats, balancers, ringmasters, lion tamers, savage animals, freaks, magicians and …clowns…


Thursday 21 October 2010

NAVY-ISM for Gadjo Zaz Trio

Marcel Cerdan really likes GADJO ZAZ TRIOS' PANTS

I received this morning a pack for my jazz trio… Hard to find vintage assorted suits, pants, shirts, shoes for the trio…Sophie and Jose proposed me few weeks this sailor pants model I was looking for from a long time ago… I received the lot of 3, this morning… Perfect new condition 50's stencils from Marseille's Manufacture…Great dry chambray/linen fabric, fabulous 30's straight legs cut…Great pants for the band…THOSE PANTS ARE THE END OF AN ORIGINAL OLD STOCK

GADJO ZAZ TRIO loves NAVY-ISM style !!!!