Saturday 5 February 2011

La Gazette du Grizzly (part3)

Sorry mister Copper but Grizzly is not for you ! Collected for a long time ago, all international grizzly brands models were in FCC's dressing room. To conclude this love story, only one model custom order, manufactured 2 years ago by MC COY New Zealand alias The Few. For Mister FCC it's always the last model !!!!!! Horsehide russet leather, raglan sleeves, 30's talon zipper with hookless pigeon eyes style based, chinstrap, original art deco bakelite buttons, A1 flap pockets style, leather collar, 30's style belted buckle cuffs, belted waist, plaid lining, …How will be the next one ?


  1. BTW, what are you going to have in your sale?

  2. Thanks Matt for your appreciation.
    About the SALE, approx 50 pieces, clothes and accessories will be proposed. The person who wants to order something will email me directly at and payment will be with paypal.
    You could also ask question about size and condition.I will analyse and answer questions one by one and the item will be sold to the first mail chronologicaly received. Sale will start at 5pm France, 10am Detroit, 8am LA, 01am Tokyo…
    Lot of original 1930's french working and hunting clothes + a bit of 40's, repro… and US. Anyway I will explain all those infos begining the sale.
    Thanks for your motivation.

  3. ça sent l'empoignade virile, l'ouverture des soldes FCC !!! ça changera du crêpage de chignon féminin pour une fois :)))

  4. belle bete THE FEW is the best no doubt .....