Tuesday 1 February 2011

La Gazette du Grizzly (part2)

This week two grizzly jackets for sale on the planet, drove me nervous  …
IN STATES…One very rare first primitive model…

…and a small child size IN FRANCE ! yes it is…


  1. What is your size MAtt? more my original model, I worn all the grizzly repros you could find (aero, toyo, mccoy, lost world) and finaly did a custom order with the few.I think that you could buy the biggest size in laskinlamb toyo. They fit a bit large in general, they are the cheapest models with one of the best quality.ENglish and american brand sold leather too heavy…nor original at all…

  2. Patrick - I've seen several originals sell over the past few months in my size...all over $1,500. Too rich for my blood.

    FC - I need a 44 or 19" shoulder, 24 chest, 24 - 25" sleeve. How much is the Laskinlamb by Toyo? Think they might be a bit short in length?

  3. Reminds me of "Dead Man", the Jim Jarmush's movie featuring Johnny Depp and an unhealthy amount of fur coats..
    What are they usualy made of ? not from actual grizzly I hope ...

  4. They are made of leather and lambs fur...

  5. ...I WISH they were made of Grizzly!!! LOL!!!

  6. Ditto on the Dead Man comment. The second one is killer.