Monday, 18 October 2010

Shawl collar jumper and cardigan

With tie , suit pants, denim or sportswear, shawl collar is my favorite…!!! really vintage look for pioneers and army with the Mackinaw model or very campus style with the great wool cardigan…!!!
All my original models are sold today but I use to collect new ones and japanese repros…

My 30's black with orange stripes and letter model. Sold to a collector from New York

My 30's black with yellow stripe model. Sold to a collector from New York

My 30's black cardigan. Sold to a collector from New York
Fabulous "FREEWHEELER'S japanese "Brown beach" style model


  1. we could be brothers man !!
    i've sold all of mine 2 years ago ....they were to heavy and scratchy ,couldn't get use to them you know what i mean right !?
    just kept the v necks from the 20's and 2 repros

  2. chez qui t'achetes FREEWHEELERS !?? je connaissais pas ce model ....leur peacoat ww1 est sublime

  3. salut PAtrick
    Je commande chez "standard" au japon , "speedway shop" fait cette marque à présent.

  4. Rhoooo c'est beau, j'adore le premier et le dernier.

  5. t'as un lien pour STANDARD!?? y parlent l'english !?