Sunday 15 March 2015

THAI mood…

Bangkok, 6.3 million of people…approx 4 million of vespas and bikes, food and chinese stuff everywhere…BUT WHERE ARE THE VINTAGE DEALERS…
2 hours walking in hot sunny streets to find closed shops !!! DAMNED, Mr FCC will not find treasures in the country of smiles…

and… thirsty and tired…BANKLYN  Pat's shop  appeared as a miracle, Siam square area, under the old skytrain bridge…Vintage original and customised american clothing, old deco and early century furnitures … time to take a drink with the staff and find the best !!!!!!

Few hours speaking about comon friends and passions and time to go.
A warm goodbye from Pat wearing proudly his new French Cancan's work jacket and direction WOODEN SUBMARINE……………………………………………"easy to find"…"skytrain, moto…moto skytrain…tuc tuc…tuc tuc…trafic, no tuc tuc…too much trafic no taxi " …well…

Quiet homeplace building in Thonglor street and …this place looks great ! and it is …
Very good selection of vintage stuff in a elegant shop worthy of the japanese ones.
Denim, leather jacket and boots, vintage eyeglasses, accessories ,indian blankets and jewelery and new brands as yuketen shoes…
Could not met the boss in person but had a telephone business conversation with him for great stuff  bought for my own collection…As you can see, Madame FCC particulary liked this peacefull place… :-)

 "Tom's vintage", "Locomotion" and other small vintage shops found and visited here and there but 80's clothing is not for the beard man. Lot's of dust and bad stuff…and only one regret …
Mr FCC was not in BKK during week-end… No Chatuchak market for him… the best place for vintage hunters will be for the next time… Thank you Yann and Papa John for your help :-)


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