Friday 11 September 2015


… is the name of the owner of the NEW BLOG and the great shop in Berlin Mr FCC visited few months ago and did a post about.  INGO just wants the best…deadstock, art deco packages and labels, leather, pearl, linen, 30's zips…yes INGO just wants the best !!!! With INGO you can't GO ON or WITH…you must GO…IN and FEEL what INGO FEELS, LOOK what INGO LOOKS, LOVE what INGO LOVES…yes INGO just wants the best !!!! Of Course you can easily understand that MR FCC and his insatiable appetite for the best, WENT, GOES AND WILL GO to visit his friend INGO each new posts …and invite you to meet INGO yourself…of course, JUST IF YOU LOVE THE BEST…as INGO !!!!!!

…and sometime INGO sells ;-) sometime not ;-(…
PLEASURE and FRUSTRATION an usual feeling for the vintage connoisseurs.

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