Monday, 23 August 2010

30's French style (Work, Hunting & Sportswear)

1) The vest
Day after day, market after market, vintage shop after… I use to search the best and the rarest items wich could teach me about the way of life and the style of the first 40 years of our century.
Of course it's not an easy thing, but difficulty is the best way to really appreciate things…
This vest is a very nice model of 30's original hunting clothing I've found few years ago.
As you could see it is composed by black cord front. Two waist pockets and one chest for "onion clock"
Particularity of this model is the smiley style waist pockets wich in general use to be straight and not curved. Buttons are in steel with embossed animals, dark brown painted. Represented animals are usualy deers, rabbits, dogs, wild boars…You could find inside 1 large pocket with label but it's not a generality (other model is displayed with inside blue moleskin to see this inside pocket particularity). About this black cord vest, lining is the same salt and pepper fabric as the back (very rare french fabric). Back belt with sometime ungraved art deco buckle finalise this elegant and dandy's look for this outwear and usual clothing…of course this strong and noble combinaison of fabrics and the design of those vest sadly changed in the 50's to disappear definitely in the beginig of the 60's. If you are good hunter, you could find some, in french flea markets, charity shops… but you have to wake-up early…
I've sold lot of those models to japanese customers last 2 years but now japanese brands as "Warp and Woof", "Dapper's" or "Django Atour" develop this european style. For me they are really better and great in original condition. Of course I use to buy all  the vests I find…ALSO  I USE TO WAKE-UP EARLY!!!!!!!
Black cord front

Salt and pepper back
Inside pocket in brown "Au fusil" vest (blue Moleskin lining)

Buttons and belt buckle


  1. now we have to trade .....i'll get you a 20's for here

  2. hahahahah mister is a "fin gourmet"…
    I have actually for sale a brown cord with black moleskin back and tan linen canvas lining… very nice… 30's 20's/30's model in great condition, but I'm worry that it should be a bit big for you . I estimate it a size 42 US. All the rest is my personnal collection. If you are interested in I should receive other models soon… black or brown… voilà l'ami… en anglais dans le texte pour les passionnés (enfin anglais mâtiné de togolais)…

  3. qu'importe la couleur pourvu qu'on est l'ivresse .....tiens moi au jus tonton