Sunday, 13 October 2013

I had a dream (Part 2)

 "The Hunter"… is the name of this A1 jacket designed by Mister French Cancan himself and manufactured by Theodoros Pampoukas (Thedi Leather owner). Inspired with original hunting and fishing early 30's leather jackets of the Mister FCC's collection, this model was made with UK domestic lamb to find the nearest supple quality leather of the deerskin, used in the 20's/30's for this kind of outwear jacket. It was made with, very authentic color leather and accessories, original 30's casein buttons, wool lining… ! Details as chinstrap, shoulder strap, gamebag are totaly original…and to the question "how fits this hunter jacket", just have a look !!!!!!…but don't forget… this "KING-O FCC" JACKET could'nt be considered as a simple "vintage jacket" as "fedora loungers" basically thought…This jacket is a condensed version of 25 years of 20's to 50's american leather jackets collection and historic wildlife references…So… for the true and rugged men ONLY…long life to the hunter !!!! or best …long WILD LIFE to it !!!!!

…and just for fun anf for my funny "fedora loungers"…what was made for, this strange shoulder buttoned strap the "hunter" has ?…no, this is not to carry the bag of your wife…Let's go to the montana and when your "hunter" becomes a "fisher"…free hands are very usefull when you "play" with wild trout you've just fished…

Original hunting and fishing jackets for inspiration (2nd and 3rd model were in FCC's collection)…

Now…if you are interested in order it, jus ask Theodoros… Colors, leathers, sizes…He will answer and could give you all the informations you need !

Théodoros Pampouka


  1. Tu te souviens de "l'homme des bois" ? ;D

  2. c'te classe !! Tes photos déchirent. Bravo à la photographe :)

  3. I really like where you've taken this jacket Mr CC. The references are very cool and the execution totally original. I hope that the response from customers will be a positive one. Regardless the Papa thinks your work is magnificent!

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