Monday 16 November 2015

An artist called THÉO

Winter means new collaboration beetween Thedi leather  and French Cancan.
After "THE HUNTER" model, just received my "KING-O-BUFFALO" !!!!  WELL… can't comment more than these pics !!!!!…High quality grainy buffalo leather, casein original 30's buttons, hairhide palomino style pockets… in fact …if I want to be honest with you…never met before I met Théodoros, a guy who knows better than him what leather really is … THE ART TO CREATE JACKETS SNUG AND COMFORTABLE…YES IT IS POSSIBLE AND MR FCC KNOWS WHAT  REAL 30'S SNUG STYLE MEANS (the only way to wear vintage clothing with style :-) !!!!! THANKS A LOT THÉO  !!!!!!!!

Step by step…

"KING-O-BUFFALO"  becomes the king !

any infos or order ask

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