Monday 6 September 2010

30's French style (Work, Hunting & Sportswear)

2) The pique covert hunting jacket
To complete the French 30's style, I will detail a second very classical item wich composed the typical dressing room of the 30's hunter. The Pique covert hunting jacket, or "coutil" in french. This fabric looks very similar to french cord but differently to the fuzzy fabric, coutil or pique is dry and strongest. Very usefull in the work french clothing beetween 1920 and 1950, this fabric was used also for pants, vest and lining for all types of jacket (cord, leather…). In some cases it replaced the flannel lining. This 4 or 5 buttons front jacket takes 4 buttoned flap pockets, one each side pocket for the gamebag at the back and one inside pocket with sewn label. Two diameters for the buttons. Buttons are in steel with embossed animals, dark brown painted. Represented animals are usualy deers, rabbits, dogs, wild boars… Gamebag use to be in contrasted color… Look at this fabulous button up model… very rare design…The mixed brown and black color model I introduce you, is a very interesting item. Belted sleeves cuffs with their curved design, buttoned game bag, selvedge inside pockets… and…its condition…near deadstock… Those jackets were manufactured from the 20's to the 50's… Style and quality was similar during this 30 years period. Only labels and buttons were differents. Hope you will apreciate this great jacket… This model is one of my favorite…Don't hesitate to ask me questions…I could have models for sale, sometime…

Black moleskin lining with gamebag
Canvas contrasted color gamebag

Unusual buttoned style bag
Closed side gamebag pockets
Opened side gamebag pockets
Hooked collar detail
Hooked collar detail
Selvedged pocket
Selvedged pocket
Curved belted cuffs
Zigzag stitched back collar
"Le 1.000.000" 30's label… size correspond to US vintage 40/42
Embossed animals style buttons (20's/30's to end of 40's style)
Other color and gamebag style  (5 front buttons and different colar design)
Pique jacket in the Sugar cane catalog (2007)


  1. Amazing jacket, love the zig-zag stitching on the collar.

  2. Thanks for your reply on the blog, looking for something similar but in a waistcoat. Sorry to hear your London trip wasn't great, did you try Portobello on a Friday? Spitalfields market on thursday is definitely worth a visit and there are a couple of 40s/50s shops in Camden you'd probably like.

  3. I've been long overdue for a Barata Sportswear look, not because I don't love this trend, it's because I couldn't find the right pieces that meshed with my style. My first attempt at wearing leather track pants ended up in a total disaster.