Monday 22 August 2016


THE HUNTER is coming home…
2 weeks in Spain hunting here and there but… NADA !!!!
Nada the first day, nada the second, nada the third and nada the fourth… driving to the east, …nada the fifth…driving to the west…nadat the sixth… visiting rare antiquity and vintage shops…nada the seventh. I prayed for JESUS the 8th, I prayed for MARIA the 15th. Went back the BARCELONA on the 17th and prayed for MYSELF... Went to THE BORN and FOUND at the RAVAL…
EL CAZADOR they called me EL CAZADOR !!!!!!!!!!

"HOULALA" vintage shop…
Ask the boss and ask him the best!
Not the best para todos…the best POR EL GRANDE CAZADOR !!!!

Gracias BARCELONA, your best is my best too… 
With his 30's modified A1 jacket, EL GRANDE CAZADOR PUEDE VOLVER A CASA!!!

Soon for sale HERE

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