Friday, 28 October 2016

ZIS is not what you ZINK! (PART2)

Hey guys!!! what's new?
Your dressing is too small to buy a new leather jacket?
12 pairs of red wing boots is definitely enough ?
You think that your 22 hickory shirts are now old fashioned?

Stop to buy but INVEST!!!

STERLING, STONES…the best way to feel the pawnee you've always been!!!!
One, two, three… at your wrist, with or without your vintage watch…it is time for you to wear "NATIVE"… ARROW, THUNDERBIRD, SNAKES, HORSES…and a WHIRLING LOG…as you know now what ZIS cross really means…a long time ago before the CRAZY LITTLE MOUSTACHE MAN decided to use it!!!!


and if ever you don't know where to buy the best…ask Mister FCC
OVE GOURSE !!!!!!!

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