Thursday 30 December 2010

Go back home…to WORK the last 2010's day !

Hi there… I just go back home … hope you spent good christmas time !!!!
FOR THE LAST COLD WORKING HOURS before 2011, picture of a laborious sunny 1910's day…


  1. Wishin' evreyone a great time with French Cancan in 2011!
    All what we sherish is there, with style and properly documented, a real knock-out !


  2. Thanks a lot Mister Rayban63… nice comment !!!!

  3. You're welcome !
    I mean it, I could spend hours reading your articles/post.
    Keep on the good stuff in 2011!

  4. Happy new year mister RB63… I will try to write other pasionating posts all this new year during !!!

  5. Hey French,
    It's me RB63/ItsOnlyRR63.
    By the time I fix this damn' computer I'll be able to answer you. 'Got friends in La Ville Rose, lived at NougaYork too, we were definitely bound to meet. I am from Burgundy, early-retired-chap, I deeply miss overseas trips...Need to talk in english. You help me during my "Rêves éveillés", with all your interesting articles (I think they say "posts") and incredible stuff... Will read and write you soon, got a blog under constriction for you guys with my be followed !