Tuesday 21 December 2010

The best of Ebay

Some bad, some wrong, some good… and some VERY GOOD… on ebay !!!!…
Nice 30's deerskin and leather Hunting Jacket. Mid-Western Genuine Buckskin-Berlin Glove Co.-Berlin, Wisconsin label. TRASHED WITH CLASS.

I'm actualy regreting it… I bided… but too low !!! French Cancan is sometime a small player !!!


  1. Moi c'est le fez que je convoite ! :)

  2. Madame a l'œil… je ne sais pas si le gus de devant compte mettre une bastos entre les deux yeux du "confrère" au Fez, gris, qui se marre… mais ça sent le "fait divers"…

  3. "Trashed with class." Can I steal that line?