Wednesday 13 July 2011


Those last months, weeks and days, Mister French Cancan spent all his time and
energy to move his artist studio and painting workshop in an old house called
"LA MANUFACTURE". Of course vintage and industrial furnitures and accessories compose the place yet but the hunt of good stuffs is not totaly end. One of the last piece need to be found… A 19th century blue patchwork quilt wich is expected by the old and destroyed leather easy chair…Mister cancan really knows 19th and early 20th blue patchworks and he uses to buy and sell those indigo treasures he finds in flea markets and old houses. But these are not the same patchworks he is now looking for…not the same, BUT REALLY SIMILAR FABRICS…

Early 20th century BORO FABRIC patchwork

Early 20th century BORO FABRIC patchwork

Details of BORO quilts

19th century BORO INDIGO FUTON COVER patchwork


  1. those shades of blue! Bon chance!

  2. MERCI Matt … Mr French Cancan is a Mule !!!!! He will find his Boro Cover soon…!!!! Dead or alive !!! ;-)

  3. Too much technical for me but as a Rorschach test, i saw a butterfly on pic number 2 :)))

    BTW, i guess to own this kind of Patchwork it's like have a piece of history at home.
    Are you a lot to looking for the same thing ?
    And how many piece are available in this modern world ?

    On the first pic, what's kind of costume is the one with orange stripes ?

    (Curious Big Mama)

  4. je peus t'en touver .ici sur SF y un gars qui se specialise dans boro ancien .je suppose que tu prefere le trouver par toi meme non !??

  5. Olivia, les rayures oranges sont dues à la lumière, il s'agit de rayures blanches (en fait des petits points de style "wabash" sur une gilet en coton bleu, de facture française… d'où le vif intérêt qu'a porté un acquéreur japonais.

    Patick, c'est très gentil. Le prix via SF risque d'être bien trop démultiplié comparé au prix d'une pièce chinée perso ou par le biais d'amis natifs de BOROLAND… c'est sympa de ta part.

  6. pas forcement ....c'est pas donne la-bas non plus .le seul moyen valable reste l'echange .......

  7. a suivre donc…j'ai surement de quoi échangé ;-)