Sunday, 17 July 2011

Tu vuo' fa' l'Italiano

Dear readers,
Mister French Cancan needs your Help! This summer, Tuscany is the perfect destination for friends and family but for the hunter, only one vintage shop adress (thanks to REDUX BLUE JEANS from Italy) and nothing else… the desert… So, if you know good adresses, flea markets, antiquity or vintage shops in Florence, Siena…don't hesitate ! don't be shy and be my travel guide…I wait for your coments…thanks in advance…!!!!


  1. Sorry i'm only specialist of sacred and profans fest of the thirteen and fourteen century, when men only wear the traditionnal jacket :
    the "lucco" :)

  2. italians don't know shit they 're just copy cats ......sorry

  3. Another interesting adress

    Check, it have a shop also in Florence and Lugo Ravenna near Tuscany.

  4. Or The Redux Showroom in Treviso ;)

    But in Italy there are not culture of vintage clothing, we are a rare case!

  5. Thanks a lot Mister Redux…
    Treviso will be a bit far from the place I go… But I'm sure I will met you another time…I will trye to find the adresses in Firenze… Don't know if there are also good denim shops with US and japanese brands ?