Thursday 28 November 2013

FCC FRIENDS french connection ! (part 4)

The French Cancan connection comes again !

 When young birds are in the bush, the hunter uses to lie in wait … and today young bird's name is CHARLES NIEHUES …

(part 1)

After Fashion school, Charles decided to build his own denim brand called "D-Day" in Los Angeles where he lived. But city of angels is too far from Mister NIEHUES's roots and after a summer working as a farmer in the hot south of France FAT BOY CLOTHING brand is born !
A collection of jackets, shirts, t-shirts and pants homemade manufactured in Avignon. Fabrics are hand dyed with ecological pigment with techniques of traditional work to have a genuine result. Inspired with pioneers surplus and wild west fashion Charles offers to vintage "aficiandos" a new brand already dealt by the best european shops…
After few months only Charles has drawn the attention of the guys at  "BLITZ MOTORCYCLE" and has been featured in famous magazines as "HERITAGE POST" and "CLUTCH" from japan…
and to seduce Mister FCC who is a man of "IMAGES" Charles uses to cultivate a very aesthetic sense of the communication with fabulous photos and videos for FAT BOY CLOTHING ads !…

Young and wild Charles IN PERSON!

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