Thursday 5 December 2013

FCC FRIENDS french connection ! (part 4 bis)

The French Cancan connection comes again !

 When young birds are in the bush, the hunter uses to lie in wait …
and today young bird's name is CHARLES NIEHUES …
(part 2)

 Booouuuuuuuhhhhh…when winter comes and Mister FCC can't work in his art atelier with only a T-shirt, it is time to prepare wood !…
His warmer brown beach vest and his FBC HUNTING WAXED JACKET and ready to go…Sky is white! rain falled down one our ago ! yes man its time for sport now !!!!!!

Good job !… atelier is warm again… t-shirt is waiting for the "beard man"…Program of the day: hot coffees and artworks…


Happy, Charles to exchange with you our common points
about Avignon and St Rémy's Ranch…
Long Life to FBC !!!

FAT BOY CLOTHING is now on FCC's best friends
and online orders

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