Tuesday 17 December 2013


What’s new in the planet “vintage” for this end of year !!!!!…
Business of repro looks prolific ! 
Shawl collar varsity sweaters, motorcycle horsehide jackets, hunting boots ! young generation will never know how it could be exciting to find an old dusty and smelly jacket size XXS that even your dog does not want to smell, and to clean and love it so, that you could transform it into the best jacket of your collection !!!!… But …what a miracle today to  find the best stuff you’ve ever dreamed about… NEW and perfectly adaptated to your measurements !!!!!!!!

SO, ABOUT THE BEST YOU NEED TO WEAR ! For Xmas time Mr Fcc will talk to you dear reader, about the new collaboration beetween the STRONGARM man and one of the best vintage japanese brand called JELADO…

One of my most discret “vintage friend” is also one of the most influent man in the world about collectible antique clothes !!!!!!!! Hard to spell his name for japanese customers JOHN GLUCKOW is one of most famous vintage stuff dealer since a long time ago ! Not a king, not a count but maybe the pope of the american vintage stuff religion. Inspiration for lot’s of stylists, John is now his own brand !!!!!

The story started when Yohei Goto has met John Gluckow for quite a few years, buying many vintage items from him. About a year and half ago, they began discussing working together in a clothing brand. To introduce the brand, they made indian blanket makinaw which is being sold in stores this winter.

"Strongarm" John in person !

Goto was immediately interested in working with John for his knowledge of vintage clothes and his vintage clothing sense. Also, while the Jelado brand clothes often adopt a fashion fit, the Strongarm clothes will adopt a more "true to the vintage" fit without ignoring comfort and wearability ! what a complementarity !

Yohei Goto is 36 years old and started his new clothing brand, Jelado, when he was 26 years old.
He was lucky to meet some people who understood his passion for vintage and his vision for the future. They helped him establish his Jelado new clothing business. This was 2004. Jelado was making damaged-washed jeans for his clothing brand and this was very popular.

Mr Goto has a very strong collection of vintage clothing which serves as a reference point for his brand. He is still buying vintage clothing for his personal pleasure and for his brand's archive. And recently, the shop began offering a small selection of vintage clothing again.

Jelado's retail store and showroom are still located in Ebisu Tokyo.

The Jelado brand has several lines:
- Jelado Products
- Jelado Antique Garments- Jelado Athletic Clothing- Rockstar Garments- Starry Gate- Hercules

and about the  John Gluckow/Strongarm brand, it will be offered two seasons per year and each season will have a single concept.

JELADO's Website


Worldwide orders are possible through the website 
and payment by bank transfer. 

More to come about Jelado's brand and clothes, 
about John Gluckow's coat and Spring/Summer line and 
about their trip to Bread &Butter 
this coming January!"

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