Wednesday 5 February 2014

MAD men…

Mr FCC will not talk about Madison avenue and the 50's world of advertising… MAD men are also friends who loves so something, that they decide to manufacture it themselves ! and they do it with heart and passion !!!
Keith is an autralian artist inspired with victorian old rugged antiquities…A long time ago he collected first 1cap, 2 and 3 and 99 caps !!!!!! but too hard to find the best one !!!!! easy ! if you can't take just make…Today Mister "LO BUE" is one of my best newsboy 8 panels caps dealer…he works with original vintage pattern and fabrics. Just have a look to this new special order !!!!  Hobo patched model, made with one hundred years old japanese boro fabric. The special HOBORO model !!!!!…

Keith in personn

Any infos ask

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