Thursday 30 September 2010

My Papa's style (part 4)

WWII HBT Daisy Mae hat (recently bought at Mister "LE ZOUAVE"), 50's Hercules chambray shirt, Sugar cane japanese hunting vest, 40's US "BRONCO" tie, 40's US Imperial rifle league jacket, 40's french worker glasses (French national train society), 60's french Electra watch, vintage studded belt, 40's french wool pants, old Justin boots, …"Field and stream" cover…


  1. Roooooo ......c'est beau ! i adore the belt and the tie, love everything with a western touch.

    But why Dame Marguerite didn't take the pic ? You could be a nice bear ha ha ha !!! ;)

  2. YOU'RE TRUE… MISTER CANCAN with grizzly jacket or totaly nude, result is the same !!!

  3. I like this one alot, it would seem we have very similar taste for outdoor clothing, you've inspired me to post some more of the same,

  4. Thanks a lot papa…
    Let me know your ebay pseudo, I think I've ever ordered you items in the past, my ebay pseudo is vilbojunior… And if you're ok, you could also email me pics of the clothing you would sell… Friendly…