Saturday 22 January 2011

Type A1 military leather jacket for French Cancan (part 1)

A long time, collect speciality for French Cancan was vintage leather jackets…
He bought in 25 years more than 50 models from the 30's to the 50's and 30's/40's barnstormer belt back worker short jacket was the one he bought the most. Actualy he sold 90% of his original jackets collection. With time FCC finaly decided to buy best japanese repros and uses to wear them day after day to give the best and original patina they need to be the best…One of FCC favorite is of course the type A1 jacket, one of the most antique jacket for aviators…Very simple model, capeskin, horsehide or suede, buttoned front and pockets, knit cuffs and collar specialy for the military model, pockets design variations…off course this jacket need to be worn very snug (FCC models are japanese size 38 or 36 for 1m80), with denim or chino work or tweed suit pants… the nearest 20's/30's style !!!!!!

Cary Grant indian's head in chest…
in "Only angels have wings" (1939)

James Cagney in "Devil dogs of the air" (1935)

and of course Young Clark Gable…


  1. Rhoooo comme ça claque ta sélection de photos plus le sourire de Clark Gable pour finir de m'achever :)

  2. j'ai une tre belle piece de transition entre A-1 & A-2 je la porte rarement car elle est tres fragile je vais la poster sur RIVETED une petite beautee.

  3. Oooh, now you're talkin' !
    Bought my A1-Schott at Goldbergh's store in Philly back in 1986, still runnin' fine and Santa brought me a G1,(with furr collar),a few years ago... those are classics ! Thanks for the great pics.
    You made my day !

  4. for BM… et oui miss 'O mimi le clark à 25 piges…
    for Pat…j'ai hâte de voir ça… est-ce le A2 à boutons ?
    for ORR'63… Yes … classics will always stay classics…!!! thanks man!!!

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