Saturday 15 January 2011

French Cancan's guest from JAPAN…

Hi there ! You are crazy about vintage culture, original and authentic fabrics… You use to wear clothes wich relate you old epics…WILD WEST, FIRST PERIOD OF WORLD INDUSTRIALIZATION , GREAT DEPRESSION, WWI AND II…don't hesitate to ask my friend KAT (Katsunori Itaya)… "MISTER GRIZZLY"  fabulous japanese collector, opened his own shop ROCK-A-HULA in April 2000 in Niigata  (about 250 km east from tokyo).  A long time ago we used to be in touch and had deals for 30's clothing with ebay actions since more than 10 years … I'm very happy to introduce you this nice and fairplay guy today !!!! Look at this leather jackets collection (I "know" very well the second grizzly in the rank below, in the "BEAR CORNER"… snif)… Don't miss new stuffs wich are displayed in the R-A-H website weeks after weeks…they don't stay long !…NOW after the words, just take a look at the pics…It reminds me the nice but old time when you could find similar shops in big french town…"once upon a time"…

"Bear" and Grizzly jackets corner

40's hercules 2 tone sport jacket

30's/40's 2 tone deadstock sport jacket

40's fleece sport jacket

30's Chippewa wool winter ski suit

30's prisoner costume

Incredible 20's woven knit vest… FCC really like it !

Thanks KAT for this FRENCH CANCAN japanese translation !


  1. I comprehend now where beautifull things go !!! Amazing shop with only the best.

  2. Très Nice ! , C'est mon genre de magasin. Je dois obtenir 2la-bas bientôt.

  3. Et puis ta grizzly jacket, maintenant elle est avec plein d'autres copines et apprend les langues orientales :)

  4. rien à voir avec le japon mais est ce que tu aurais quelques adresses incontournables du même genre sur NY (fringues musiques bouqins)
    on y part en juin et j'aimerais bien pas galérer à trouver ce genre de shop (suis déjà allé a search&destroy)

  5. that and Kat is one of the best guys ever