Wednesday 26 January 2011

Type A1 military leather jacket for French Cancan (last part)

My best A1 jackets for you…Japanese repros from Buzz Rickson, Real McCoy's or american from LVC. All are in snug sizes to fit tight !!! Military models in horsehide, coton with the famous USN type 37J1, wool with "wolf" chest insignia, black and red tartan from the last Buzz R. collection…hybrid 20's/30's motorcycle cafe racer with A1 design and pockets and unlined goatskin civil models…Cushman made A1 models few years ago in deerskin and Freewheelers have a fabulous natural color pointed flap pocket actually for sale. I don't know any other repros anymore…About american brand, I've never been satisfied by LVC leathers, compared to the details and fabrics of japanese manufacturing but those two models made in portugal and pakistan are so roots and poorly finished that they really look original…and queerly,  I use to wear them often !!! For info, I changed bad plastic buttons of the tan model with original casein 30's art deco ones…of course this detail is not a DETAIL !


  1. Il en manque là… non ???!!! héhéhé

  2. Sweet!
    New LVC looks like it's been rotting away for 75+ years ;-).
    I really like my LVC/Aero two-tone
    jacket,great cut/fit but very bad stitching,and's monochrome.

  3. the best A-1 is without a doubt the one produced by the few .amazing hide and dies super expensive the plaid one from BR and the green too but i've sent it back the collar was annoying to me .dude!! you robbed a bank or what !?? cheers

  4. of course I forgot The few, aero leather, eastman and mCCoy who produce Military A1 JAcket. About Civil model I think that only Cushman manufactured one but I found a nice japanese brand "highnotch" I did'nt know wich propose one soon…
    About the bank Pat, no hold-up and no milliardaire parents…all by myself… vintage trade, artjob and music… and I could sell sometime my body :-)

  5. I dream about the WOOLF one from B Rickson since a long time now.. but 400euros...

  6. The green woolen one seems to have amazing waist detailing !
    Definitely my favorite one from your impressive collection...

  7. Yes the woolen green and red plaid jackets have fabulous 20's waist knits style…I have never been disapointed with Toyo …maybe once this year with brown beach jacket … I've been disapointed by other japanese brands, sometime… and I don't speak about english ones… always good jackets but often far from the truth…

  8. So do you think Real Mc Coy or Buzz Rickson is the best if I want to buy a G1 A2 or B3?

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