Friday 10 September 2010

I've got you, under my skin…

Because I live and work for Art, because I'm a 1900/40's collector, because I've got hispanic origins, because I'm a bit Revolutionary, because I love women…FRIDA KAHLO is an important personality in my life… With my Marguerite, really before the nice movie with Salma Hayek, we had a period when we lived Frida, ate Frida, sang Frida, collected Frida… I did not take pounds to look like Diego Riviera of course…I  tatooed my back with a free oldschool interpretation of Frida's life and 30's suit with large "Montana peak hat" was and still be a great sign of elegance for me…

Young Frida
Young Frida
Diego Riviera
Diego (panzon) and Frida
Fabulous Diego Riviera art (Frida with red shirt)
Frida's Family
Beanie hat Frida
Frida and Diego
André Breton, a "Dadaistic" and "Surrealistic" friend
"Apasionada Frida under my skin"
"La casa azul" Frida's house in Mexico


  1. APASIONADA !!!! Muchos besos mi amor !!!!

  2. do you know this book !??if no i'll suggest you get it before it's gone as it's a limited print's the most interesting book i've got on her....enjoy

  3. Thanks a lot Patrick ; We've just ordered it on Amazon … It looks fabulous !!!!!!!!

  4. Great tattoo idea ! Mi gusta muchos ! ;)