Sunday, 5 September 2010

LONDON… What a pity !

For people who know me, they just have to see my closed face in the upper pix, to know how deception was big for me, and how you better not speak to me when I'm in this mood… !
MISS LONDON, where is your nostalgic king's road , where are your fabulous Covent Garden shops, where is your secret and inexhaustible Camden Lock… THE WORLD HAVE CHANGED… Charity shops, Flea Markets, vintage clothing shops (I don't speak about african boubous made in India…) Where are different styled and kind of people in the street…Where are the rockers, the punks, the mods, the rastamen… Where is the fish and ships odors, the good jamaican smell, the fabulous Kensington "sweat Georgia brown" pomade savor, The Elephant Head bad boys… Is it this new sanitized world or is it because Vilbo is near 40 years old ? I would like to be surprised !!!!! and I did not…No matter… I let my vintage dreams in my bag and spent good time with my Margerite to eat bad food and drink good beers…

I didn't let all my vintage dreams in my bag…
of course 80's old vintage stuff could not disappear…… TOTALY…
I've just visited the shop and haven't time enough for the SHOWROOM…ANOTHER TIME
Antiquity shops with fake old Furnitures and accessories (EVERYTHING LOOKS OLD BUT IS MADE IN INDIA)
70's to 90's ex 20's to 50's vintage shops
The last original antiquity shops in camden
Notting-hill…Marguerite would like to see Hugh Grant…WE JUST FOUND A BAD PORTOBELLO MARKET
King's Road, LOUNGE BARS replaced Vintage shops


  1. hihihihihi hi !


  2. fuck the rostbifs my friend .....i know how you feel ......i'll be 48 at the end of October look good though .what's the jacket you're wearing !??

  3. Even if I don't want to become "un vieux con" I can say that :"Yes time is changed "…
    About the jacket, this is a brown beach fabric style with shawl collar "Brown's Beach Coat “EBBETS FIELD COAT”-NAVY, made by "freewheelers"

  4. Ou la la ! La tête désappointée ! Un peu la même que la mienne quand je rentre dans une fripe "vintage" avec que des vêtements de clowns 70's ou qu'on me sert une mauvaise assiette au resto ha ha ah !!!

    Pour répondre à ta question : oui super soirée, que de bons retours, j'ai grave mordu au truc !! c'était génial, supers groupes, que du bonheur ! Et puis il y avait tous les copains alors déconnade à plein tube. Avec les zozzios de Paris forcément ya du gros dossier ha ha ha

  5. Spitalfields Market is only good on Thursdays!