Friday 26 November 2010

See you soon !

 Just a little bye bye for today…I leave home for a road trip and 3 gigs with my jazzband during the week-end…a real marathon !!!! ! I will go back on next monday…In waiting for new Apaches and vintage style posts, you can listen FRENCH CANCAN'S GADJO ZAZ TRIO with a Django song called "Daphné"…the story of a French Apache who met in GUYANA, Daphné, a beautifull creole girl… IF YOU UNDERSTAND FRENCH … lyrics was writen by GADJOZHINO the guitar player…and java part sang by FRENCHCANCAN VILBO HIMSELF…30's freestyle jazz music, "compagnie créole" and java feeling !!!!!

DAPHNÉ by the gadjo zaz trio


  1. Bye bye FCC, à bientôt :)
    Zoukez pas trop fort sur le verglas ;)

  2. Et sympa cette Daphné ;)

  3. Happy trails!

    Hope to see Gadjo Zaz Trio in Amsterdam prochaine année... Au l'Ile de Java, or the Quay Paname. Yes, we got them here :-)

  4. bon trip, bonne musique, que du bonheur!!