Thursday 18 November 2010

The best of Ebay

Some bad, some wrong, some good… and some VERY GOOD… on ebay !!!!…
Of course, with my coat I need gloves for Alaska trip… Beaver Fur/horsehide and cord lining !!! The best for me !


  1. Désolé Mr Cancan, nous ne pouvons plus rien pour toi!!Pour reprendre ta présentation, le docteur répond: "oui, c'est quand même assez grave!!"
    bon, il faut avouer que les finitions sont assez démentes...

  2. Rhooo non il a osé le castor !! Après l'alpaga, le castor !! Je confirme on peut plus rien pour toi ha ha ha !! Quoi que !!! On fait de jolies choses en chinchilla ;)

  3. Ah yes! Coincidence! I also like the shawl collar coat in the previous post. It looks amazing.

    Yesterday I was in Jantique and I saw a coat, no one in the shop knew what it was. We think it's military, US (found US coins in the pocket) and maybe 70s onwards.

    It is reversible (twill outside, polar fleece inside), long with a hood, no buttons, zip or any fastenings, sort of like a bath-robe! Do you know what it is?

  4. Tommy, please send me pix and I will try to examine it… did you buy it ?

  5. I didn't buy it, it was a bit too big on the shoulder so I am still considering. Couldn't take a secret picture either... I might go back to try!